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Levin Family Travel Pictures
  Eilat, Israel   Dec 2009

                               Puerto Rico, Jan 2003 video

Sugarbush, VT 2005 video (long)

NH 1997 video1, video2

Jerusalem, 2003    video  Ken with 1 meter Laser Window

Infrared Focal Systems, Inc.

Negev Desert  Negev Desert    Eilat Video Dead Sea  2006

Ramon Crater video Aug 2007 

Bahamas Dec 2007

Yonina, Ken, Carmit, and Miriam

Moshav (farm) Beth Shikma Aug 2007

   Tamar, Carmit, Miriam, Ken, and Yitzchak Buskila

Wise Observatory, Mitzpe Ramon video

Aug '06

Ashkelon  April 2008

Ken, Yitzchak Buskila, Miriam, Tamar, Carmit

Ashkelon Beach  Snow (dog)  farm1  farm2  mall 


Blizzard 2010

Ken and Miriam, Wash, DC 1978

Ken and Miriam, Ithaca, NY 1979

Ken and Miriam, Bar-Ilan Univ, Israel 1980


Bryce Mountain, VA  1989

Yonina, Carmit, Tamar, Ken

Mason-Dixon Star Party (17" scope) 1999

Tamar's apt Bar-Ilan Univ   April 2008

Tamar, Miriam, Carmit, Ken  flight video


Washington Post Article, Oct 2002

Springbrook High School Astronomy Club, 1971

Breakfast at home - May 14, 2008 (birthday 55!)





Tamar and Gabriella 2016


Visit to Wise Observatory in 2005                                                               



Ken Levin, Huntington Beach, CA                                  email:  Klevin@aol.com

Brief Bio

After high school I spent 8 years at Cornell (BS and PhD in Applied Physics), married Miriam Buskila in Ashkelon, Israel (1979).  Miriam grew up on a farm - Moshav Beth Shikma. Had a postdoc for 2 years at the Technion in Haifa where Carmit was born. Was at the Naval Research Lab, and in 1986 have been VP and co-founder of Infrared Focal Systems in Silver Spring, MD. I now work at Physical Optics Corporation, Torrance, CA, as a Principal Scientist. We have 3 daughters. Tamar lives in Israel (married with one daughter, Gabriella), Carmit (married) lives in Santa Fe, NM and makes Hatchup Katchup, and Yonina is a teacher in New York. Astronomy is still my main hobby.  The big telescope is being set up at Concordia University in Irvine, CA. I have discovered 5 new asteroids (none headed our way, fortunately!)




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